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Berlin opens again: Things to know before your next visit

Summer has finally arrived to Berlin, and there is much more than the warmth of sunshine on your face to look forward to! After a long (long long) wait, Berlin is finally coming back to life, and to make sure you are well prepared and informed, we created a list of current measures, limitations and precautions, as well as all the newly opened spots and allowances that are important for everyone who wants to visit or is already living in Berlin. All information below is sourced by the detailed explanation from the Berlin Senate Chancellery page.

Let’s get straight into it, here’s what life in Berlin looks like at the moment:

  1. General rules of conduct

Social distancing of at least 1.5m is advised whenever possible. Persons aged 15 and over have to wear a FFP2 mask inside public transportation, supermarkets, taxis, inside cultural institutions, libraries and medical institutions. If you are wearing a fabric mask or any other type of medical mask that is not FFP2, you will not be allowed to enter these places. You can meet with a maximum of 9 other people (10 in total) outside, while indoor gatherings are allowed with members of your own household and with persons from a maximum of two other households. Special rules apply for those who are fully vaccinated (with a minimum of 14 days from their second dose), those who have recovered from Covid19 in the last six months, as well as those who recovered before that and received at least one dose of a vaccine.

Find more information about general restrictions on Berlin Senate Chancellery page.

  1. Arriving from abroad

Different rules apply depending on the country you are arriving from. Testing is mandatory for all who are entering Berlin from abroad by air. In addition to that, all visitors who are entering the country from risk areas must register in advance at at Risk areas also require a negative test prior to boarding the plane, where PoC rapid tests must have been performed no earlier than 48 hours prior to entry. For entries from virus variant areas, the test must not be older than 24 hours. PCR tests are permitted if they were performed no more than 72 hours prior to entry.

Find more information on testing, quarantine and registration for arrivals from abroad on Berlin Senate Chancellery page.

  1. Hotels and other accommodation for tourists

As of June 11, tourist overnight stays in hotels, vacation apartments and other types of accommodation are allowed again. The Circus Hotel is applying all the measures as instructed by the senate, and in addition to that we offer tests for our guests, taken inside our property and completely free of charge. Book your stay now and reserve your spot at our freshly redesigned hotel.

  1. Restaurants and Cafes

Say goodbye to take-away only! Gardens, terrasses, patios and other outdoor seating areas of restaurants and cafes are welcoming guests again. You can sit outside in groups of up to ten people from a maximum of five households at one table without any test necessary, and if you prefer indoors, you can sit inside with a maximum of six people from a maximum of three households at one table. This does not include children up to 14 years of age, fully vaccinated persons and recovered persons with a negative test (from the same day). It’s also wise to reserve your spot in advance, as it tends to get extremely crowded, especially on the weekends.

Find more information about restaurants and cafes on Berlin Senate Chancellery page.

  1. Cultural institutions

Cinemas, concert halls, theaters, opera houses and other cultural venues may open to the public. There is an upper limit of 100 people present at any one time in enclosed spaces and 500 people in outdoor areas. Each visitor must be assigned a seat. Visitors must wear a medical face mask when they are not seated. The testing requirement for visitors only applies in enclosed spaces if more than 10 people are present and outdoors if more than 250 people are present at the same time, or if the minimum distance cannot be ensured and no other precautions are taken to protect against droplet infections and aerosols.

Museums, galleries and memorials are allowed to open. Visitors must wear an FFP2 mask without a ventilation valve or an equivalent mask. In addition, extensive distance and hygiene rules apply as well as upper limits on the number of visitors.

  1. Sport and leisure

To attend a fitness studio, a dance class or similar sports and leisure related venue, you must provide a negative Covid19 test, proof of vaccination or recovery from a Covid19 infection. You must also book your appointment in advance.

Find more information about sport and leisure rules on Berlin Senate Chancellery page.

We hope this, together with the full information found on the page of the Senate Chancellery of Berlin, gives you more than enough motivation to experience the magic of Berlin summer this year. We are beyond excited to finally welcome you, so keep up with us for more developments and updated rules and regulations as they happen. See you soon!