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The Making of

The Circus Microbrewery


The Making of The Circus Microbrewery

What does every hostel need, especially a hostel located in the heart of the German capital? Well, everyone will have their own answer to that question, but for Jim and the team at The Circus Hostel the answer was clear. We think we were one of the first hostels to open with their own brewery on site and we love our beer! Read on to find out more about The Circus Microbrewery…



A bit of history


When we’re asked about the how and the why of The Circus Microbrewery, the simple answer is that we love beer. We also love German beer, brewed to the German purity laws, and so when we were renovating the basement back in 2014 we were finally able to make a long-held dream a reality: our very own brewery. Of course, dreaming is one thing, but none of us had any experience or knowledge of how to brew the perfect pint and so…


Our brewmaster – Heiko


…we found Heiko. Originally from Bremen in the north of Germany, home of Becks, Heiko has more than 30 years of experience working as a brewer. He has worked for some of the biggest brewing companies in Germany, but is happiest when he is crafting small batch beers to his own secret recipes, including the beers for The Circus.


Our beer


In general, down in The Circus Microbrewery we are brewing delicious session beers including amber ales and pilsners, perfect for a brewery attached to a hostel! For special occasions, Heiko will also create seasonal beers for us, such as an Oktoberfest beer in autumn and a strong Bock beer around Christmas, to soften the effect of the grey Berlin winter days!


The Microbrewery Taproom


So where can you taste our beer? We have bottled Circus beer available at the Circus Café and at The Circus Hotel roof terrace honesty bar, but if you want to try our draught beer you’ll need to visit The Circus Microbrewery Taproom in the hostel. As well as our beers, you’ll find cocktails, wine and nonalcoholic specials. It’s open each evening from 7pm, and while you’re down there, don’t miss our David Hasselhoff Museum, dedicated to the Baywatch star who has a long and strange connection to this city of ours. 


Beer in Berlin


There has never been a better time for beer lovers to visit Berlin. Alongside the classic corner Kneipe (pub) and the beer gardens – don’t miss the Prater, just up the hill from The Circus – the past decade or so has seen a revolution in the Berlin beer scene. New craft breweries and taprooms have opened up across the city. In our reception you’ll find The Circus Beer Map, filled with suggestions for some of our favourites.