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January 11th, 2020

They say the way you spend the first hour of your day sets the tone for the rest of it. Whether you agree with this or not, you probably have some sort of a “morning routine” that sort of happens on its own, without you having to think much about it. For some it’s the first coffee brewed in your own special way, for others it’s a luxurious bowl of your favorites thrown together just how you like it. It is also usually what makes you feel at home. Traveling usually means you have to make some sort of a compromise and make the most of what’s on offer either at your hotel or the surrounding cafes.

We have great news!

The Circus Hotel is about to add breakfast to the many improvements you can look forward to this winter. We take pride in calling ourselves your home away from home, and we are fully dedicated to making that statement as accurate as possible. Breakfast included. But what does this mean in practice, you ask? Well, read on our friends, and find out!

  1. Great coffee, no matter what!

At The Circus, we take coffee seriously. You may remember the day we introduced The Circus Hostel Café with Tres Cabezas beans. Was a good day! Or when we sent our staff to get a barista training so your cappuccino foam doesn’t go anywhere until you are at your last sip. Today, the honor goes to Codos, the cafe you might have come across if you ever visited Hamburg. They are bringing their coffee expertise that will you asking for that second flat white before you finished the first!

  1. Speaking of Codos…

…they didn’t stop at coffee. Özlem and Cihan, the creative minds behind Black Apron, teamed up with us to make sure the exceptional coffee at The Circus Hotel comes with exceptional food too. So they dropped by and gave us a taste testing of their finest breakfast items and can we just say: they delivered! We can’t give away too much at this point and ruin the surprise, but you can definitely count on a breakfast that will have you leaping out of our Birkenstock beds (which is another topic in itself).

  1. A choice to please every pallet

If running a hotel teaches you anything, it’s just how incredible the cultural diversity we have around the globe and all the customs it brings with it. Breakfast is no exception and are well aware of the endless versions of breakfast this world brings with it. So we put Jared, whom you might remember from a charity project we did recently. He has been working hard for months, looking for the best Berlin has to offer when it comes to granolas, pastries and other breakfast creations for those who prefer a quick breakfast or even a breakfast on-the-go. It’s safe to say that if you are curious about what kind of breakfast you can expect at the new Circus hotel, we check all the boxes!

So head over to our website and book your stay now! We are so excited to have you stay with us again we are giving you a 20% discount for all your bookings with us until Mach 31st 2021. All you have to do is head over to our booking site and use the code RISEANDSHINE at checkout. See you soon!