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Project Update

The Circus Living


Project Update – The Circus Living

If you have been following the blog, our social media feeds or our newsletter, you’ll have heard about our latest project – and member of The Circus family – The Circus Living. From a construction site close to the Spree river here in Berlin, the project is gathering pace, and we thought we’d check in with our project manager Sher Jan Singh to see how it is all going…

Hi Sher Jan, how’s it going? Where are we up to with The Circus Living?

I’m doing fine thanks, and obviously pretty busy with the project. It’s really exciting to be part of such a project, bring in my skills and experience and learn some new ones. And as we are about seven months from the planned opening time, we are in the middle of nearly everything. There are decisions to be made at every level, from technical questions regarding the building to the colour of the bed sheets, planning staff structures and finalising the service offer for our guests.

Right now it feels like everything is progressing as it should, we are on time, and the website will be launched soon with sales starting at the end of summer. So although there is a lot of work ahead of us, we are excited and positive about our new Circus house and what is to come.


For those who are new to the project, what is The Circus Living?

The Circus Living will offer premium serviced micro apartments. We will offer hotel services but more than a hotel room, with a fully-equipped kitchen and clever design to combine cooking, living and sleeping spaces and, of course, en suite bathrooms. There is a rising demand for serviced apartments in Berlin, and we felt we could bring something special to the market by bringing this type of accommodation together with The Circus philosophy of hospitality that is the shared spirit that can be found across all our projects.  

This is a new neighbourhood for us in Berlin. What’s it like?

It’s a very interesting area of transformation. It is in the city centre but during the years of division it became something of an inbetween space. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and especially over the past few years the area close to Ostbahnhof station and the river has become a vibrant neighbourhood and home to a number of international and renowned creative businesses and industries, and we are excited to become part of it with our brand new building.

When you live in Berlin or even visit the city you realise that it’s constantly changing. To be part of a neighbourhood in transformation and to be able to shape it is both very exciting and rewarding.

What kind of ‚Circus-style‘ services can the guests expect?

If you know the history of the Circus you see where we are coming from. From the hostel to the hotel, the apartment house and now The Circus Living, you can see how we have developed along with Berlin over the past 25 years and yet always keeping in focus the human aspect of hospitality and welcoming people to our city.

Service has always been at the centre of the Circus story along with quality, in whichever segment of the market we operate in. Within the serviced apartments sector, the trend has been very much towards automation – as in many parts of our contemporary lives. But we resist this by, for example, planning for a 24-hour concierge service meaning there will always be a human being on hand to talk to and offer help and assistance. And, for those who want it, we are committed to building a community vibe around The Circus Living while of course always giving guests their privacy and personal space.

As the project continues, what are the next steps?

We are in the process of building our team while starting to concentrate on the fine details. There are design decisions to be made and, as I mentioned, the website will be launched soon. We can’t wait to share more details, photographs and more over the coming months, and we are so excited to eventually welcome the first guests to The Circus Living.

Thanks Sher Jan! Keep following the blog for more update from The Circus Living and, as we work on the full website, you can get some artist’s impressions of the new building and the services future guests can look forward to at