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February 22nd, 2021

What do you think defines a great stay at a hotel? Is it a really comfortable bed that provides a restorative sleep after a long day? Or maybe a location that makes everything from reaching the airport to exploring the city effortless? No, you are one of those foodie travelers, always looking for a breakfast experience that will wake up your palate with exquisite flavors and aromas.

No matter which of these resonated most with you, when in Berlin, The Circus Hotel is your place to be! Why? Because we believe that what makes an experience a truly unforgettable one is a combination of all the above, together with an extreme attention to detail and quality. Which brings us to our latest collaboration.

Let’s talk about breakfast. With a selection of high-end baked goods that will be prepared in-house daily, we are hoping to turn pastries from a convenient breakfast option to one that will have you jumping out of bed in the morning. And can we just take a moment to acknowledge our extreme appreciation for a beautiful presentation? To help us achieve our high standards for a breakfast display, we asked Stefanie Hering for some help in the creative department. And boy did she deliver! We couldn’t be happier with the results, so today we are sharing a few things we think you should know about our latest collaboration.

Hering Berlin studio was born out of the desire to translate high-end gastronomy standards to the world of porcelain serving dishes. They believe (and we agree) that exquisite flavors and ingenious combinations should go beyond food alone. Presentation is half of the experience, and what you eat can be just as important as what you eat it from. So when our breakfast lounge started coming to life, we knew we needed to step up our presentation game.

So we set out on a search mission for someone who shares our values and understands our vision of bringing art to parts of The Circus Hotel you wouldn’t instinctively expect to be artistic. With a vision of porcelain serving dishes surrounding food items in a similar way beautiful frames hold works of art, the decision to go with Hering was a no-brainer. Add to that the fact that all of their dishes are hand made from start to finish, as well as locally produced, it was clear – we had found our perfect match.

But where will I find these porcelain works of art? you ask. Our lobby area and breakfast lounge are getting the makeover of their lives, and as soon as we are officially open again, you can find Hering creations on the side that will serve breakfast pastries and quick breakfast staples like granola and power bars. They will hold the flaky croissants and crispy danishes fresh out of the oven, adding a touch of beauty to your morning routine.

At The Circus, we believe that every part of your day should be a memorable experience, from the moment you wake up to the moment you sink into the mattress after a long day. And to make it even better, we are offering you a 20% discount for all bookings made on our website for stays until March 31st. We are counting days and really hope to see you soon.