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An update from The Circus Hotel: What we’ve been up to in 2021 so far

As spring introduces some much-needed sunshine and cherry blossoms to our days, we thought this is the perfect time to check in and give you a little update on what life at The Circus has been like in 2021 so far. We are hoping the strict traveling regulations will lift soon and that we will be able to finally welcome you in person to our redesigned hotel. Until then, we wanted to share with you our latest developments and give you something to get excited about!

You can book your next stay on our website, or choose one of our vouchers which are valid for all three houses (The Circus Hostel, Hotel and Apartments) and can be redeemed for a full year!

  1. We are taking sustainability to a whole new levelIf you’ve ever visited Berlin in summer, you might have noticed the city is not very air conditioned. You also might have noticed that the summers have been getting hotter, and it has become a real challenge to survive the heat on draft alone. Being extremely environmentally friendly, we didn’t want our perfect temperature to come at a great cost to nature. So we got to work and found a solution that ticks all boxes. Next time you stay with us, you will have the opportunity to try our innovative cutting-edge aircon system, which operates both silently and invisibly.That’s thanks to the fact that the system runs through the ceiling of each room, where hot or cold water circulates to bring the temperature of your room up or down, depending on the season and your personal preference. Additional perks are that it causes no draft, it is completely allergy-friendly and silent. And the best part? It is connected to sensors in the windows, which automatically deactivate the aircon until the windows are closed again. This saves unnecessary energy wasting and helps reduce the impact on the environment. It also comes with a fun little control panel on the wall, which you can adjust to fit your personal room temperature preferences.
  2. Our hotel rooms are equipped with custom created coffee drip bagsForget awful instant coffee sachets as your morning pick-me-up when you are staying at a hotel, we’ve got something way better! Our official coffee roaster partners from Vote Roastery have designed an exclusive Vote Coffee drip bag for our hotel guests. Making your morning cuppa is as easy as brewing tea, and you don’t have to worry about any nasties accompanying your first caffeine fix. The main reason we chose Vote is for their uncompromising quality standards, and we guarantee that every drop of coffee you have at The Circus is of the best quality and comes as a result of fair trade inside the coffee chain.
  3. Our breakfast partners just got a makeoverWhen we began renovating the hotel, we had a vision of a breakfast concept that would get you excited to wake up in the morning. We chose Codos, as they shared our vision of creating a unique culinary concept that will redefine the hotel breakfast experience. And because sharing is caring, we use the convenient location of our hotel to help Codos turn into the new coffee and breakfast hot spot on Rosenthaler Platz. What does that mean exactly?Guests of the hotel can enjoy their homemade and in-house baked pastries inside our newly redecorated Lounge, and our non-guest friends don’t have to miss out on the experience. Codos has just reopened their pink interiors to the public and will be serving delicious breakfast pastries, cakes and of course, inevitable specialty coffee creations to everyone who steps inside their cheerful pink interior on our favorite corner of Rosenthalerplatz. And while you’re there, don’t forget to try their signature mixture of a croissant and muffin, with the cute acronym – cruffin! It will not disappoint.

That’s it for now, we are excited to hear your experiences as soon as possible and can’t wait to again be your hosts in our beautiful Berlin!