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About Us

About The Circus

The Circus Family

About The Circus

Until 2022, The Circus Hostel, Hotel and Apartments have been owned and operated by The Circus GbR, a private unlimited company with five shareholders – Andreas Becker, Andreas Digel, Christian Göppert, Andrew Hadfield and Tilman Hierath. In 2022 The Circus announced the establishment of The Circus Group, an umbrella structure within which the existing houses will be joined by two new exciting projects: The Circus Living in Berlin and The Circus Retreat in Italy. Here, we continue the traditional philosophy of The Circus: hospitality based on the social nature of travel and sustainability.

Our Manifesto
The Circus stands for…

Travel as a means of social connection and communication.

Welcoming travellers in a way we’d like to be welcomed ourselves.

A connection to our surroundings and a commitment to our neighbourhood.

Hospitality that is sustainable for our staff, our city and the environment.

Autonomy and independence as an owner-operated business.

Company Structure

The establishment of The Circus Group in 2022 creates an umbrella structure within which all the entrepreneurial activities of The Circus GbR and other companies owned by The Circus shareholders can operate. The founding of The Circus Group is designed to allow for new projects to emerge that involve some or all of the existing shareholders working with new partners, while maintaining The Circus identity and philosophy across all the projects that share the name.

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Hospitality and Sustainability

The Circus philosophy of hospitality is about welcoming our guests in a way that makes them feel safe, comfortable and best placed to experience everything Berlin has to offer. We understand that different guests have different requirements – and have created a range of accommodation options with this in mind – but that fundamentally our aim has always been to create an environment where all our guests, our staff and ourselves can come together on the basis of equal communication.

The connection to our neighbourhood and to the wider city of Berlin is important to us and fundamental to the identity of The Circus. This is reflected in our services, in which we aim to bring together all our accumulated knowledge and experience of the city and make it available to our guests, perhaps best exemplified through our Behind the Curtain programme. But our connection to the city also informs operational decisions, such as our choice of suppliers and business partners.

Ultimately, this is linked to our understanding of sustainable tourism. Our commitment to people and our neighbourhood means that everyone who works at The Circus is directly employed – we do not outsource any of our operations – and we concentrate on using local infrastructures when outside expertise is needed.

In addition, we have a commitment to environmentally friendly infrastructure and policies, including low impact cooling and heating systems, solar panels at The Circus Hotel, minimal waste standards, biodegradable and organic cosmetics and green cleaning products. At The Circus Hotel, the air conditioning system is based on innovative clay-cooling technologies, with excess heating turned into electricity.

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Discover the history

Berlin is a city made of stories, and Rosenthalerplatz is not left out.
Want to know more? Check the Fabisch story on our blog. 




The first Circus Hostel opens its doors on the street ‘Am Zirkus’, from which the hostel takes its name. The first hostel has forty beds. 


The Circus Hostel moves to Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße and a new ninety bed hostel, reflecting the ever increasing demand during the first two years of the company’s existence.


Further expansion comes with the opening of The Circus Hostel on Weinbergsweg at Rosenthaler Platz. With the two locations, The Circus can host over three hundred guests in accommodation ranging from classic hostel doors to penthouse apartments.



A further renovation at Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße is undertaken in time for the Football World Cup, hosted by Germany. Later in the year the hostel on Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße is sold and plans for The Circus Hotel begin.


The Circus Hotel on Rosenthaler Straße opens, across the square from The Circus Hostel on Weinbergsweg.


With the complete renovation of The Circus Hostel, the two houses on Rosenthaler Platz can now accommodate over 350 guests.


The Circus Apartments open, with 22 luxury boutique apartments for 2-6 people.


A complete redesign of the ground floor of The Circus Hostel including a new lobby and lounge space.


The Circus Microbrewery is opened in the basement of The Circus Hostel.


A complete renovation of The Circus Hotel takes place, including a full re-design of the ground floor spaces and rooms, new air-conditioning and heating solutions, and a new gastronomy concept.


The Circus announced the establishment of The Circus Group, an umbrella structure within which the existing houses will be joined by two new exciting projects: The Circus Living in Berlin and The Circus Retreat in Italy.