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The Circus Winter Guide


Chill in Berlin – The Circus Winter Guide

The beauty of Berlin at this time of year is the contrast. The chilly wind blowing down from the Arctic while drinking a glühwein. A clear blue winter sky above the grey Berlin streets. Stepping in from the cold into one of the city’s many cosy cafes, restaurants and bars…

If you are coming to visit us in Berlin this winter, you probably already have a list of museums, galleries, restaurants and clubs that you want to check out. So we’ve put together our very own collection of not-so-well-known treasures from the city that can be enjoyed even when the temperatures drop below zero.

All the selections have been taken from our very own DIY Berlin Guide – curated by The Circus Team and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk – make sure you check out Nina’s website and instagram  to see more of her work.


Hidden in one of Berlins back courtyard, it is a beautiful place to drink a proper Tajik tea and enjoy Russian cuisine. The best part – you have to take your shoes off and sit on the floor! Insider tip: order the Russian tea ceremony and you definitely won’t regret it.

Recommended by Katrin, CEO of The Circus

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An old crematorium turned into a cultural centre is always worth a visit, and you should definitely stop by its café. But if you really want to experience the wonders of silent greenery, try grabbing a ticket for one of the concerts held inside the dome or the underground hall!

Recommended by Sandra, Circus Design

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What used to be a major movie theatre for premieres in East Germany, Kino International still has the looks and ambience to match the GDR “poshness”. It is also still one of the main venues for Berlinale, Berlin’s big annual film festival and a lot of screenings are in English.

Recommended by Juri, Manager of The Circus Hotel

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With around 20,000m2 of Balinese luxury, including a variety of saunas, small pools both inside and outside, and relaxation areas that are the real highlight, Vabali is all about relaxation. However, the German sauna experience is not for those who are shy. There is a lot of nudity, be prepared!

Recommended by Jared, The Circus Lounge

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Experience a place that is at the heart of Berlin’s Vietnamese community and tells yet another story of the city’s incredible history. Perfect spot for those who are looking for restaurant quality dishes or ingredients available in the supermarkets that keen cooks would struggle to find elsewhere in the city!

Recommended by Jan, Head of Reservations Administration

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