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The Circus &

Centro Yanachaga


The Circus & Centro Yanachaga

As you know, here at The Circus we are continually working with projects and charities around the world, supporting them in any way we can. Almost all of these projects have been chosen because of either a connection to our direct surroundings in Berlin, or because of a personal connection with a member of The Circus team. On our charity page you can see our current project Oceansole and find out more about projects in the past.

Our most recent project before Oceansole was to support the Centro Yanachaga in Peru, birthplace of our hostel manager Anna. Centro Yanachaga is located in the mountains, and was opened in the 1970s as a home for children. Our goal with the project was to raise money for urgent repairs, in particular in the oldest part of the building, so that they could once again be used as living space for the young people who call the centre home.


With the money The Circus raised, the Centro Yanachaga were able to begin work on a number of urgent projects. First of all, they were able to renovate one of the buildings to create new dentist offices, which had previously been elsewhere on the site. These offices provide important healthcare not only for the residents of the centre but the wider community. With this project completed, they have now begun to transform the original dentist offices into living space for 12 children and young people.


The domino effect of these renovations, financed by donations by our amazing team and guests at The Circus, has allowed the centre to undergo a major reorganisation of living and work spaces, improving the kitchen and sanitation areas, and altogether make life easier and more comfortable for the young people who live there.


Altogether, here at The Circus we managed to raise €5000 for the Centro Yanachaga, and as always with our charity projects, this would not have been possible without the support and generosity of our guests.