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Things are hotting up –

The Circus Summer Guide


Things are hotting up – The Circus Summer Guide

Summer in Berlin is when you’ll experience our home city at its most relaxed. Although Berlin is one of Europe’s great urban experiences, packed with history, culture, amazing clubs and world-class restaurants, it’s also a place of green spaces and water, of shady beer gardens and more ice cream shops than you could possibly imagine. Summertime in Berlin means spending time outside, whether down by the canal, in one of the city’s many open-air venues, or exploring the nearby lakes, forests and countryside.

All the selections have been taken from our very own DIY Berlin Guide – which you can find in The Circus houses. Not only are they all well worth a visit in their own right, but some of them will bring you to parts of the city most visitors never get to experience. 

These insider tips have been curated by The Circus Team and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk – make sure you check out Nina’s website and instagram  more of her work. 




Lakes, rivers and canals… summer is the time to experience Berlin’s beautiful waterways. Grab a beer and find a spot on the grassy embankment of the Landwehr canal, or head over to the Admiralbrücke, a popular meeting point on long summer evenings for ice cream and the soundtrack of street musicians. Whatever you decide, it will be an unforgettable experience.


Recommended by Maja, The Circus Hostel

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It is summer…it is hot. You need a drink. Berliner Weiße – a hoppy, sour beer mixed with different fruity syrups is the local’s choice and the most popular flavour is raspberry or woodruff (don’t ask!). When you get your beer in that bowl-shaped glass, you will know it is summer and you are in Berlin. Try it! Find it in every good beer garden – the Prater is Berlin’s oldest and you’ll find it a short walk up the hill from The Circus.


Recommended by Katrin, CEO of The Circus 

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You can escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin’s streets without leaving the city limits. Head to the hills and the lookout tower south of the Müggelsee lake. It offers you much more than just a splendid view of our lovely city – you can also walk through the woods, go for a swim at the Müggelsee and check out the lakeside beer garden. Get to know Berlin’s green soul – it’s absolutely breathtaking!


Recommended by Richie, The Circus Apartments

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The 1936 Olympics are best known for Jesse Owens making a mockery of Hitler’s master race ideals when he won four gold medals in the Olympic Stadium. A little way to the west and designed to cater for all the athletes’ needs, the Olympic village featured swimming pools, cinemas and 38 dining halls. You’ll need to take a local train and then walk a bit, but it’s worth it for this abandoned venue loaded with history!


Recommended by Jim, COO of The Circus 

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Back in the city centre and located directly on the banks of the river Spree, this unique spot can best be described as a mixture of a green oasis, an urban backyard and a beachy café/bar atmosphere. It will make you feel like you escaped the city without travelling too far. Great atmosphere, good food, cool drinks and perfect photo opportunities.


Recommended by Victoria, Communications Manager of The Circus 

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