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The Circus + Hannes Röther - Our Staff Gets Dressed to Impress

January 25th, 2021

We’ve been talking about a makeover for a year now and it’s almost shocking that it took us this long to reach the topic of our staff’s new attire. And yes, we are not calling them uniforms. By the end of this post, you’ll know why. We believe there is a strong connection between what you are wearing and how you are feeling, not in a vain and superficial way, but more in the way you feel while wearing high quality, well-tailored outfits that feel both stylish and snug at the same time. That’s a tough spot to hit, so we had to make sure we partnered up with someone who can take on the challenge.

So it was no surprise when our partner hunt landed at Hannes Roether Studio. With their incredible talent for design, a sophisticated taste in fabrics and high standards when it comes to local production (every item sold is made in Europe), we knew we had to look no further. We’d found our perfect match. If you haven’t heard of his studio before, it is definitely worth adding to your itinerary next time you are in Berlin.

Hannes Roether Studio is the love child of a designer duo who were united by their shared passion for luxurious natural materials, timeless silhouettes and colors that resemble faded polaroids. Driven by a simple, yet incredibly complex to achieve concept of clothes that is always casual but never careless, their designs breathe style and elegance while striving towards one essential goal: clothes that stay – today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We feel greatly honored to have them dress our staff and we could not be more excited about it.

The Circus Hotel you know and love is about to receive the biggest transformation of its life so far. We are raising the bar in every way imaginable, so it only makes sense we wanted our staff to walk around wearing only the best. We took the task very seriously, and it took us weeks to narrow down the outfit options to only 4. We left the final choice to our colleagues, since it is they who will be the ones wearing these clothes in the end.

The tryout took place at the studio during after hours, which meant that yes, we turned it into a private catwalk for The Circus Hotel staff, and no, we are not embarrassed to admit it. When was the last time you went to a designer’s studio where you could try on fancy clothes over a glass of cider? Exactly. By the time we left, everyone had their turn twirling in front of the mirror and we all got to know about the fashion preferences of our colleagues. It was a fun and bonding experience that also counts as work. Can’t really complain about that, now can we?

Now that we gave you all the details, you know how to spot our staff next time you stay at The Circus Hotel. We are officially reopening on December 1st, and if you head over to our website and book your stay now, we are giving you a 20% discount for any booking until March 31st 2021. Because that’s how much we can’t wait to see you again!