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February 8th, 2021

Two posts ago, we introduced Codos, our new partner in all things breakfast, and today, we are turning our attention towards tea and coffee, because let’s face it, very few of us can start the day without a cup of something hot, caffeinated and, most importantly – delicious! We take your morning brew very seriously, so when we say we did our homework before settling on the perfect selection, you can bet we did it well!

Jared, one of The Circus Crew members, passionate runner and charity supporter, has been driving the project of bringing the best breakfast to our guests for months now. His quest for the best tea and coffee in Berlin had him literally running all over this huge city. Not like he had much choice with all that caffeine consumption on a daily basis…

Then he met Philipp and Laurel, the coffee-savvy duo behind Vote Roastery and the coffee chase was finally over. With over a decade of experience in the artisanal coffee industry, they are true experts and you can trust that the coffee they provide really is the best you can find. If you need a little background info, you might know Philipp from his days of running Kaffe 9, inside the famous Markthalle Neun, Berlin’s best-known food market.

What made us sure that Vote is the perfect choice for us goes beyond the superior quality of their beans and their coffee-making skills. We have extremely high standards when it comes to sustainability and transparency, and Vote checked all our boxes. They are constantly aiming for a more fair and equitable value chain in the coffee industry through transparency and a holistic approach, acting as the link between farmers and consumers.

Their work includes not only roasting coffee and consulting but also the social aspects of this global product that connects humans. That’s why Laurel and Philipp are involved in projects like the Berlin Coffee Archives and the Specialty Coffee Association to make change happen towards a better world through coffee.

In fact, we were so happy with Philipp and Laurel’s coffee expertise, that we decided to bring it to our rooms as well. That means hand crafted coffee you can enjoy in your room is the same coffee you can enjoy in our breakfast area! Each room will be equipped with a drip coffee with beans from Vote, which you can recognize by notes of dark chocolate, nuts and subtle hints of red apple.

But enough about coffee, we know there are plenty of you out there who prefer tea. So we made sure that no matter which hot beverage you reach for, at The Circus Hotel, you’ll always find the best Berlin has to offer. You probably won’t be surprised to know which tea company we partnered up with. Yes, it’s Paper&Tea, was it really a guess at all…?

The most important factor in this case was that the tea supplier we chose was based in Berlin. And that the tea is of the best quality and taste, of course. Must not leave that out. If you’re not familiar with P&T, or Paper and Tea, they are pioneers of a modern tea culture, providing organic tea that is the result of a sophisticated combination of tradition and passion for the true pleasures of enjoying quality artisanal tea.

Jared was hosted by Simon, who was incredibly kind and excited to share his incredible knowledge of this sacred beverage, as well as give us an extensive tasting tour of their amazing selection. The decision was a no-brainer in the end – we knew we found exactly what we were looking for. So now you know what to look forward to when you need that warm cup of deliciousness. Our selection of P&T teas will include both bags and loose leaves, and we are making sure there’s a choice to satisfy every taste – from black and green blends to immune boosting ayurvedic mixtures.

If this doesn’t make you excited about waking up at The Circus Hotel, then maybe our 20% discount for all bookings until March 31st will! Just head over to our website and book your first stay, we are opening again on December 1st.